Club Listing by State

NWSCC has a wide variety of ski and snowboard clubs that offer something for everyone!  There are clubs of all sizes, from small and intimate to large meetup groups.  From the list of clubs below, click on any club name to learn a bit about the club. For those that have websites with all their club information and contacts, just click on their logo and you will be taken directly to their website.  If they don’t have a website, we give you their contact information so you can contact them the old fashioned way.  Many of the clubs have “club members only” activities and trips. However, because each club is a member of the NWSCC and FWSA, there is more available to you by joining any of our clubs.

All NWSCC Club members are able to:

  • Join a PACRAT racing league team

  • Take NWSCC-sponsored trips

  • Join in Far West Ski Association trips

  • Participate in activities with other clubs

  • Receive special discounts from ski areas and retail shops not available to the general public.

Ski clubs offer fun, excitement, and a GREAT way to meet new friends!  Read up on our clubs and see which one is right for you. Oh, one more thing! You can join more than one Club. You can even start your own club if you'd like. Don’t be shy!


Charitable Associate Organizations