NWSCC and PACRAT Elections Results

According to custom and bylaws, elections were held at the June 19 NWSCC meeting for both NWSCC and PACRAT. We are pleased to announce election of the following officers to NWSCC positions:
    President:  Christine Ciardi 
    Vice President:  Sue Rimkeit 
    Secretary: Jeanne Reinhardt
    Treasurer: Bill King
    At-large director positions:Tom Arnold and Jim Rogowski

Other directors will be appointed by the newly-elected Board. If you would like to serve, we have positions available for Membership Director, Travel Director

PACRAT elections were also held, and the following persons were elected to PACRAT offices:
    Chair: Peter Dodd 
    Vice-Chair: Geoff Mihalko
    Race Director: Greg Dilger  
    Results Director: Dale Parshall  
    Secretary: Dan Lane  
    Treasurer: Brian Bogatin 
    Membership Director: Mary Askew 
    Party Director: Ulla Brunette 
    Sponsorship Director: Sandra Volk