NWSCC Club Members Win Awards at 2019 FWSA Convention!

Thanks to Emilio Trampuz of Mountain High Snowsport Club for this report.

A lot of interesting, recreational, informative, and educational things happened during the 87th annual Convention of the Far West Ski Association, held June 13-16 at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort in California. The schedule was full of events during this 4-day convention.

Let us just single out a few items related to our Northwest Ski Club Council and our clubs.

Linda McGavin received the Hans Georg Award - the highest FWSA Award. This is given for distinguished accomplishment and long-term contribution to skiing. This award is given to an individual who has contributed significant achievements to skiing. It reflects a long term contribution and is the highest award of the Far West Ski Association. This award may only be received once and is based on a ten-year minimum service in the Far West region.

Hans Georg came from the St. Moritz Ski School in Switzerland to the US in 1936 to become a pioneer ski tracker, rope tow operator and ski instructor. Hans eventually made his way to Soda Springs to teach skiing. In 1939, Hans became the head of the Eastern Sierra Ski Club School at the “Ski Ranch” near the McGee Creek Lodge. Hans taught thousands to ski, using the best of the Reverse Shoulder, Arlberg and French techniques, mainly at Mammoth Mountain, CA. In 1940 and 1946, Hans attempted to develop a summer ski school at the 12,500-foot level eastern side of Mt. Whitney. Often, Hans was called to Hollywood to direct ski sequences. He wrote many books on skiing, including “Modern Ski Systems,” “Reverse Shoulder Technique,” and “Simplified Skiing.”

Becki Robinson from the Bend Ski Club in Bend, Oregon, won the FWSA Woman of the Year Award. First, she was nominated by her club. Then, among all the Northwest Clubs, Becki Robinson and Ryan Rooper were awarded the Man and Woman of the Year award for the Northwest. Finally, at the Far West level, competing against other Council’s nominees, Becki won the title of FWSA Woman of the Year.

Debbi Kor received the President’s Award. The President’s Award is given to the individual who the President of FWSA feels has done the most to advance the immediate goals of the Association during the previous year.

Emilio Trampuz won the 1st place in Communications - Outstanding Web Site Award in the Masters category for the Mountain High Snowsport Club website. The “Masters” category simply means that their website was competing against other clubs’ webmasters who had already competed and won in past years.

Emilio Trampuz also won 2nd place in the Wentworth Outstanding Club Publication Award, in the Masters category, competing against other clubs’ newsletters who had already participated and won in previous years.

Debbi Kor Presidents Award 2019.jpg