FWSA Outstanding Club, Communication, and Website Awards - Entry Instructions

NWSCC encourages all member clubs to enter your club into the FWSA Awards Competitions to recognize how great YOUR club is!  

The 2017 application procedures have been greatly simplified to encourage more club and council entries. Clubs and councils do not need to submit judges. Your council presidents have formed a committee of judges; however, we will happily accept volunteers. If you haven’t entered for a while, please look at this year’s procedures and consider entering your club or council.  Your deadline for entry is March 26, 2017, to enter your club for any of these awards.

Outstanding Club Award. The number of criteria to be addressed have been reduced. To apply, provide the information for your club under each of the criteria in the .pdf document HERE and email to Paul Vlasveld, pvlasveld@comcast.net.

Club and Council Newsletter Awards. Submit ONE* newsletter in any of the following forms: 1) Any electronic format such as .pdf file, link to newsletter on website, or Word document. Email to Paul Vlasveld, pvlasveld@comcast.net.  2) Hard copy mailed to Paul Vlasveld, 789 Daffodil Way, San Jose, CA 95117.  *Newsletters will be judged according to the criteria attached HERE. Submit what you think is the edition that is the best version that will match up with the criteria. You have until the submission due date (March 26, 2017) to make adjustments if you so desire.

Club and Council Website Award. Send link to your website to Paul Vlasveld, pvlasveld@comcast.net. Websites will be judged according to the criteria attached HERE.

Classes for Competition: Clubs submitting entries for the three above awards will be entered in the following classes for competition:
Novice: Clubs who either have never entered or haven’t placed for the past 4 years.
Advanced: Clubs who have won second and third place during the past 4 years.
Masters: Clubs who have won first place during the past 4 years.

Winners are given a seal for placement on website and/or in publications. Winners also receive a certificate fit for framing.