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From time-to-time, the NWSCC selects a person who the Board believes best exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship and giving back to the mountains that have sustained their passion. This is not merely a recognition of sports or social prowess, however, this is recognition of a living well done, of thinking of others, of being there to help and give, while at the same time enjoying life to the fullest. This small recognition is our way of saying thanks and in some cases, God speed.

Get Involved: The FWSA sponsors a "man and woman of the year" award, but our personal profiles are different from this. The NWSCC wishes to honor those individuals who may not always get the recognition they deserve, either at the local or regional level.

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Note: These are Northwest regional awards, so please take the time to submit, no matter where your club is located within the great Northwest.

Picture courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Picture courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Shane McConkey

A Personal Remembrance
Story by Asit Rathod   

The skiing world lost a legend, and I lost a friend, this year when Shane McConkey died in a ski base accident when a ski did not release. Shane released the ski, unfortunately not with enough time to release the parachute to break his fall.

In his lifetime Shane had won almost every different event you can win on skis—moguls, big mountain competitions, big-air titles, and skiercross races, before taking up ski base jumping, but he also was the first to conceive of reverse camber, reverse sidecut skis, an invention that rocked the ski industry. You’ll also find his name on a ski run at Whistler and a lift at Park City. Click here for the complete article. 

Picture Credit:

Picture Credit:

Fred Noble

Living Life to the Fullest
Story by Linda McGavin

Fred is one of our local skiers on Mt. Hood, who has just completed his 50th year skiing, having started in 1954 at the age of 17. His first runs were taken at the rope tow at Summit, and, true to his adventurous nature, he did his first “tree skiing,” getting lost and having to hike out onto Highway 26. Fred was one of the first customers on the very first day of Mt. Hood Meadows’ grand opening in 1968.

Fred suffered a tragic accident in March of 2003 while paragliding in Brazil, falling approximately 35 feet, driving his right leg into the hip joint, and breaking his pelvis. Click here for the complete article.

Picture Credit: Associated Press/2002

Picture Credit: Associated Press/2002

Jean Saubert

An Olympic Treasure - Right Here in the Northwest
Story by Sheri Parshall, 2001-2002

Jean was an olympic skier who won two medals, silver and bronze, in Alpine skiing at the 1964 Innsbruck Winter Olympics! She was born and raised in Oregon and trained on Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor. Click here for the complete article. 

Steve Coxen

Eight-year President of NWSCC
Story by Linda McGavin

Two-time president of Bergfreunde Ski Club, eight-year President of NWSCC, and 2000-2003 FWSA President.  NWSCC has come a long way since I first served as a representative 10 years ago, and its evolution can be attributed in great measure to this man's dedication and commitment to bringing ski club members together on a local, regional and now national level. Click here for the complete article. 

Chris Miller

Past Winner of the FWSA History Award
Story by John Watson, 2001, Chairman, FWSA History Committee

Billy Kidd, Olympic medallist and Hall of Famer, presented the 2001 Steamboat Spring/Steamboat grand Western Ski Heritage award to Chris Miller at the FWSA Annual Meeting in Reno. Click here for the complete article. 

Bill Clare

Oregon Skiing Legend
Story by Barbara Pressentin 1999-2000

As a member of a local Portland Ski Club, Schnee Vogeli, Bill has plenty of buddies who have been trying to keep up with him for over twenty years. Click here  for the complete article.  

Duane Bridge

Cascade Ski Club's Hero
Story by Mae Bell, & Chris Miller 1998-1999

Duane Bridge, long time Cascade Ski Club member and currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Club, is the nominee of the fourth annual SGMA HEROES Award for the State of Oregon for his lengthy and devoted work with the Mighty Mites ski racing program at Mt. Hood. Click here for the complete article.