Steve Coxen

Eight-Year President of NWSCC
By Linda McGavin

Steve Coxen: two-time president of Bergfreunde Ski Club, eight-year President of NWSCC, and 2000-2003 FWSA President. NWSCC has come a long way since I first served as a representative 10 years ago, and its evolution can be attributed in great measure to this man's dedication and commitment to bringing ski club members together on a local, regional and now national level.

Steve brought NWSCC into the Far West Ski Association and now the National Ski Council Federation! He also got NWSCC actively involved in Oregon Snowsport Industries Association, where he currently holds the office of Secretary-Treasurer. As Steve says, "with a commitment to organization and cooperation we can create a regional organization with a national impact." Steve averages about 30 hours a week on volunteer ski industry related activities, which he says is time well spent.