Join the leadership of the Council – serving on the board of directors is a great way to get involved in club, council and Far West Ski Association activities. The board is made up of members from different clubs in NWSCC—bringing a variety of style and experience to the Council. All officer positions are open for one-year terms. The following officers will be voted upon at the June 19, 2019 meeting:

✶ President: Head of the Council Executive Board; represents NWSCC at Far West Ski Association board meetings and at National Ski Council Federation meetings.

✶ Vice President: Assumes duties of the president when needed and handles other duties as assigned.

✶ Treasurer: Responsibility for Council financials. Experience with bookkeeping software and GAAP necessary.

✶ Secretary: Records Council minutes and correspondence as needed; keeps corporate records.

✶ At-Large Director (two positions): Duties as assigned by the President. [Other directors will be appointed by the elected Board to fill the slate.]

Time involved:  Scheduled Council meetings; a monthly board meeting; other duties as assigned or as you volunteer to work on.

Current candidates who have announced they are running for election are: President, Christine Ciardi; Vice President, Sue Rimkeit; Secretary, Jeanne Reinhardt; Treasurer, Bill King; at-large director positions (2 will be elected): Linda McGavin. Nominees are welcome to run for any position!

If interested in running for election to the NWSCC board, please contact Barbara Bousum at Travel@nwskiers.org for more information or to put your name on the ballot.  We need your input and support, and want YOU to consider serving on the Board!

PACRAT elections will also be held at the June 19 meeting. The following are elected positions for the PACRAT Board:

✶ President
✶ Vice President
✶ Secretary
✶ Treasurer
✶ Party Director
✶ Sponsorship Director
✶ Director of Results
✶ Director of Racing
✶ Director of Membership

Also on the Board, but NOT elected, is the Immediate Past President. Appointed Positions are Director at Large - Chief Rat Patrol and Director at Large - General.

If you are interested in running for a PACRAT Board position for 2019-2020, please contact Peter Dodd at president@pacrats.org. Please provide information on what position you would like to run for and why you are interested in doing so. He will be assembling the ballot. You will need to be at the meeting to say a few words about why you'd like to run and what you plan to do, or have someone else show up and speak on your behalf.