Barbara Bousum •

Vice President and Director of Community Service & Safety 
Sue Rimkeit •

Jeanne Reinhardt •

Bill King •

Director of Communications
Linda McGavin •

Director of Membership
Christine Ciardi •

Director of Public Affairs
Steve Coxen •

Director of Travel

Director of Washington Clubs
Bill Becroft •

Regional Rep - Eugene & Bend  
Rod Robinson •

Regional Rep - Southwest WA
Norvin Peer

President PACRAT
Andy Hobart •

Webmaster and Editor
Linda McGavin • •

Other Contacts

Industry Partnerships
Sheri Parshall • 503-706-0522 •

For more information, contact:

Northwest Ski Club Council
5331 S.W. Macadam Avenue, Suite 258, Box 438
Portland, OR 97239



Get Involved!

As you can see, there are many ways to get involved with NWSCC. As you can also see, there are not enough volunteers to fill all the positions, so we need your help! And don’t let where you live keep you from joining your Council. Most meetings are held in the Portland area, but there are many means of “joining” these meetings so travel is minimized.

Contact Barbara Bousum, NWSCC President, to find out how you can join the most active and most fun Council in the FWSA!