NWSCC Man and Woman of the Year Recognition - Due March 16, 2017

NWSCC is holding its annual Man and Woman of The Year Competition. Is there someone in your club who has shown outstanding service to the club and snow sports?  There are many club members who qualify for this award!  Grab a pen and write a short paragraph about them, and submit it to NWSCC.  We are looking for a man and woman from each club who the club wishes to be honored because they have demonstrated outstanding service to their club and the ski community. Any club member may directly nominate someone from ANY NWSCC club who they feel is deserving of being chosen as NWSCC’s Man and Woman of the Year! You may submit your entries with a description of why the person deserves the honor by email to Sylvia Kearns at president@nwskiers.org. ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 16, 2017.  WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. 

The NWSCC Board will review all Man and Woman of the year nominations and will choose one man and one woman to be NWSCC’s 2017 winners.  In making its choice NWSCC may consider FWSA’s criteria, which includes service not only to a person’s club, but also to their Council, their Community, and FWSA.  The Man and Woman selected will have the opportunity to go on to the FWSA level to compete against the other councils in FWSA.  In order to compete at the FWSA level. the Council Man and Woman must attend the FWSA 2017 Convention.  NWSCC will pay their Convention registration fees, and FWSA will pay for one night lodging at the early bird price (after the Convention).  This is a great way to meet other Council/Club members and contribute to FWSA programs.  The overall winning Man and Woman at the FWSA level each wins a 5-night trip for two to Big White Ski Resort–the sponsor of the FWSA Man and Woman of the Year Competition.  All nominees will be recognized at upcoming NWSCC special events.  NWSCC will assist with completion of the application form.  This award covers the past FIVE years (2012-2017). Older information will not be considered.  Emphasis remains on grass roots participation at the club and council levels. 

While initial club nominees at the NWSCC level will not need to fill out the entire form, here is the web link to detailed information and the FWSA entry form, to see what FWSA considers in the choice of its Man and Woman of the Year.